Bridgefield International is a boutique educational consulting firm that offers tailored learning-tour programs to executives and practitioners into various industries around the world.



The goal is to take business leaders, policymakers, and change-makers on short, intensive educational trips where they take courses, visit benchmarking companies, talk to industry leaders and grow networks. The Bridgefield’s ever-expanding network of strategic partnerships,


we bring the best faculty from prominent institutes, experts from innovative industries, and leaders from the community together to craft a holistic training solution specifically tailored to our client’s needs. Bridgefield views executive education as an enormous opportunity. Our consultants take an individualized, holistic approach to working with each individual. We work one-on-one to build character, set the foundation for learning achievements.

Mission: to empower more industrial professionals to become educators and for beneficial mutual exchange between business and academia.

Philosophy: In our industry-oriented educational trips, every moment matters. We want to build a lasting foundation for industrial insights while delivering learning objectives.